Imagine putting on a pair of glasses and immediately being able to record 360-degree video, hands free, regardless of what you are doing. It will soon be possible with glasses made by Orbi.

“We’re making the first 360-degree video recording eyewear,” said Adil Suranchin, chief of operations at Orbi, a company headquartered in Berkeley, California, with its software team in Russia and with hardware developed in Taiwan, Japan, China and Canada.

Pair of glasses, four lenses

The glasses have a built-in camera with four lenses, two in front and two in the back. The result is 4K resolution immersive video. The glasses allow video to be recorded from the user’s perspective.

“You put them on, press the button, and you can say goodbye to all the mounts and rigs and tripods required for current action cameras.” Suranchin continued, “Every camera has a field of view of 180 degrees so it allows you to capture a complete dome view.”

The dome view means if the person wearing Orbi’s glasses isn’t looking down when recording, the video will have an area where it is just black.

Privacy concerns

Video-recording glasses also raises privacy concerns of the people being recorded.

“We have LED indicators, LED lights that light on when the recording is being done so that all surrounding people would know that the recording is happening,” Suranchin said.

The video can be shared instantly, and the files are saved on an SD card. The glasses are water-resistant, polarized and can be pre-ordered for $399 to be shipped starting August.

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